$66 + 6 hours = $666 (and starting over from scratch)

[box type=”alert”]Warning: vent coming … and fast. [/box]

If you’re just back from WordPress theme shopping and you’re sitting down to enjoy your new goodies, take a deep breath and enjoy the quiet before the storm. Relish in the delicate wrapping paper and pretty pictures on the box. Smile one last time before you rip open the box and dig in.

I won’t dwell on it. I’m less frustrated now at 8 PM than I was at 8 AM … and 2 PM. But I just need to learn my lesson:

[quote]You can use any theme you like as long as it’s WOO Canvas.[/quote]

This is after my programmer spent time with it, he didn’t have time to finish, so I thought I’d just tie up the loose ends. I should have known better if he didn’t finish it …

I’m sounding like a broken record but I’m going to post it anyway as I was just SOOOO frustrated today. We had a beautiful looking theme. Slider that did a great job: accordion from B&W to color! Fancy. I uploaded a logo, but it wouldn’t really sit right and I had trouble moving it up. I added a few pages. Got the slider working (after, yes, reading the manual–not bad documentation). But then I added a navigation. Not that I custom code a nav bar, no no no, I just added some menu items to the existing navigation using the WP standard menu system. Then the slider wouldn’t slide.

I’ll just stop there. It’s enough. Several, long, slow, frustrating hours later I gave up. It wasn’t worth it anymore. It hasn’t been worth it the last 27 themes I’ve been through. So I started rebuilding in Canvas. But I still needed to find that cool B&W-to-Color accordion slider. Found it. Ooh, not exactly a WP plugin. Oh well, little Javascript never hurt anyone … badly. Kinda got it working, but still it’s 124% better than the non-functioning $66 nightmare I threw in the digital shredder.

I need to stop. I shouldn’t touch anything but Canvas. Why? Why torture myself? Why spend hours working on something that probably just isn’t going to work? Let’s call it 6 hours @ $100/hour = $600 … + $66 wasted on a theme we wont’ use. It’s been a long day. I’m writing this tonight in order to try to make me remember to not have days like this in the future.

Powerful accordion slider that you can ... add to Canvas.

Powerful accordion slider that you can … add to Canvas.