Andrea Rentals

You could use Photoshop and HTML or you could use WOO Themes Canvas.

We played around with many of the graphic options that come out of the box in Canvas–they just take some creative direction.

Andrea wanted to:

  1. Use graphic elements or at least colors and boxes of some kind to liven up the text.
  2. Not use Photoshop (so that she could edit the copy later).

We used the hundreds of available Google Fonts to create a stylish page of content that otherwise would have been fonts + images = Photoshop (or some other fonts plugins). We also used the out-of-the-box Canvas Business Slider for the home page to show off the panorama images. We did add a title, tagline, and a button for a call to action.

Overall, it’s a clean looking site that also, thanks to keeping away from images built in Photoshop, is responsive so it looks great on all sizes of screens on different devices.


About the Author:

I've done the big corporate thing. I've done the creative writer thing. Now I'm happily in the middle. I like to help small businesses who are interested in "working their website before their website works them." I'm also interested in creating beautiful sites with powerful WordPress themes. Google+

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