BATWBay Area Travel Writers ( had been using a custom-coded website for many years and worked very well … until the custom coder was too busy to help. The code was, well, custom, so that made it hard for anyone (namely me) to help out behind the scenes. But they needed some fancy features behind the scenes: complex member management, event registration, management, payment, and RSVPs, and some document printing from databases of member information. Sure, WordPress could probably piece all of that together, but we found MemberClicks and they did it all out of the box. But then they wanted to add content. Lots of content. Regularly. Easily. With multiple authors in multiple categories. And events, and newsletters, and comments, and … hello again WordPress.

So their admin site is still run by MemberClicks, but the “main” information site and the site for the public is running on WordPress. Multiple authors are now adding dozens of articles, news items, photos, and whatever else they want to the site on a regular basis.

BATW Screenshot