3 Blog Techniques to Use in your Branding Efforts

The best way to have readers keep coming back is to keep writing good content.

3 Blog Techniques to Use in your Branding Efforts

3 Blog Techniques to Use in your Branding Efforts

Blogging is becoming a pillar of online marketing and business management. Whether it’s a gig centered around blogging or the blog is in support of a larger organization, the SEO upside, potential for lead generation, and other advantages make blogging a very efficient use of time and effort. One of the trickier parts of creating a successful blog is establishing a strong brand. There are many blogs in existence, so it takes a lot to stand out from the crowd. In this post we will go over some of the most important tips and concepts that you need to take your blogging and branding to the next level.

Topic Selection

It’s not easy to find the right area of focus for a blog. If you choose a topic that is popular, then there are likely already established blogs with strong brands that have much of the potential audience locked down. If the topic is too obscure, you won’t have enough readers to make it worthwhile. You will need to spend a significant amount of time doing keyword research before publishing a single post. That will let you see where to focus your attention to get a good audience that is in need of quality content due to a lack of other blogs. There is no magic number or formula to find this, but keep in mind that your blog’s focus can evolve over time. Just don’t do that too much or you will lose your original audience.

Quality Content

The best way to have readers keep coming back is to keep writing good content. It has to be fresh, innovative, and interesting. Do your best to become a thought leader for your topic or field. The reader needs a reason to follow your blog, and the Internet audience has a short attention span. You have to offer them a unique angle and value they can’t get anywhere else, or they will go somewhere else. Sheer quality can make all the difference because all the marketing in the world won’t keep eyeballs on your posts if the posts lack depth or preparation. Again, it might take time to establish yourself, but a backlog of strong posts is also a way to link back to yourself and increase internal linking for more engagement. The attention and time of your readership is valuable. Every post needs to convince them that they are spending it in a worthwhile way.

Paid Ads

It’s unfortunate, but true that paid ads, especially search ads, can be an important source of leads. All the SEO in the world won’t be as efficient as just selling out for an ad in the top slot of the SERPs for your keywords. Consider making the investment in some paid ads so that you can be assured that your blog is in front of some interested searchers. This is a good move right at the beginning before you get established. It also means that quality is even more important, because you want every post to be a potential showcase for people seeing the blog for the first time via an ad.

This is only a starting point. You can use these techniques to solidify your brand and make your blog a better source of leads and engagement. Remember that you should always have a reason behind your marketing decisions. For example, it’s not enough to just say you want a stronger brand. What exactly does that mean and how will that help you succeed? Once you can answer those questions, your overall strategy will be much more clear.


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