I’m such a fan of the changelog, I’m going to start posting Canvas’s updates here.

It also gives me a place to mention important notes in the list that are hidden in between the techno babble.

For example, (1) the very first one is a biggie: the business slider is great, but if you want to get some sort of (other) styling in there, I sometimes have to turn to another slider like Slider Pro. But now with shortcodes in there, that lets us do buttons, info boxes, custom fonts. This is a huge and welcome feature!

(4) saves having to add custom CSS to hide it. Thanks.

(6) A good example of seeing how things work and making them … work better.

(10) Duh, if I were more updated on the changelog, I wouldn’t have needed this post at all: Left-Aligned Title and Description in Business Slider.

2013.11.08 – version 5.5.4

  1. includes/theme-actions.php – Adds supports for shortcodes in business slider.
  2. style.css – Updates default button size to 1em. Styles blockquotes in comments.
  3. loop-portfolio.php – Fixes portfolio images showing duplicate in lightbox.
  4. includes/theme-shortcodes.php – Removes comment icon when comments are disabled.
  5. includes/theme-plugin-ingrations.php
  6. includes/integrations/testimonials/* – CSS for testimonials plugin now only loaded when plugin is activated.
  7. css/woocommerce.css – Demo store notice now positioned at the bottom of the page. Product variation price tweak. Fixed cart image in IE8.
  8.  includes/theme-js.php – Disable theme prettyPhoto styles on WooCommerce product pages when WooCommerce lightbox is enabled.
  9. includes/theme-woocommerce.php – Add relevant rel attribute to images in product galleries.
  10. style.css, includes/theme-options.php, includes/theme-actions.php – Added left/right slider overlay position to options. Remove slider arrows if only 1 slide.
  11. includes/theme-functions.php – Fixed Contact Form callout text html not working.
  12. css/non-responsive.css – Added WooCommerce layout for IE8 support.
  13. loop-magazine.php – Fixed pagination not functioning correctly.
Ask and you shall receive? WOO got it done before I even asked.

Ask and you shall receive? WOO got it done before I even asked.