Hey, that got removed? Oh, thanks, it’s back.

I suppose that’s the nature of software updates: break something and then fix it. The WOO dudes had removed the field where you put in which categories to ignore for the magazine grid. I wouldn’t have noticed had it not been for a client that was using that exact feature right then and there and it was gone! We had just upgraded to 5.6.2. Now they’re back in 5.6.3.

Search now both products and posts

The search was quite broken if you have WOO Commerce installed. It only searched for products. Ouch. They fixed that now, too.

I see they keep updating fixes for their various new plugins, too, e.g. WOO Slider and Testimonials. Looking forward to using those more as they mature.

014.03.12 – version 5.6.3
* Fix – Fixes search query for products and posts with WooCommerce activated

* Fix – Fixes output of special characters in the Contact Page map.

* Tweak – Removes empty “Magazine Setup” tab from the Theme Options panel.

* Fix – Several WooSlider styling fixes

* Fix – Fixes slider autoheight filter logic.

* Fix – Fixes Testimonials styling.

* Fix – Small tweaks to the dropdown menus.