Still getting too much comment spam? This will help.

Akismet does its job well: putting spammy comments into your spam folder. But they’re still coming in. You still look through them for some ham (not spam) and it just fills up your spam folder and wastes your time in looking through it. Bleh.

[box type=”tick”]Does it prevent all of the spam? No, but lots.[/box]

A captcha is one more step that someone has to take to prove they’re human. You see them on forms all the time: sometimes in hard-to-read letters and numbers, sometimes you have to answer a question. This particular plugin does the math question. Is it foolproof? Can the spammers still get in? Sure, they know their math. But it will help stop most of them.

The plugin also works elsewhere: even logging into your site, so that’s a nice security measure as well.

Getting too many spam comments?

Getting too many spam comments?