How to Learn Online Marketing in San Francisco? Introducing: Timelapse.

Never. Stop. Learning. This statement is more and more true in today’s knowledge economy, and we think it particularly applies to online marketing! That is definitely a very fast-changing field. How do you do that? Conferences are expensive. The quality of free online resources varies a lot. Online trainings are usually quite basic, and it’s [...]

Use WOO Themes Canvas and Google Fonts to design your logo

Wish you could just create your logo with Google Fonts?

Uh oh, shiny new thing alert.

What's the real story behind those uber popular WordPress themes?

At $50/year, Google Apps is a Bargain

Google Apps email versus GoDaddy email. Is there even a comparison here?

How long is that developer sticking around?

Upgraded the theme and ... oops.

Migrate to GoDaddy’s Managed WordPress hosting in one click

Fast, secure and low-cost managed WordPress hosting. What's the catch?

POP vs IMAP. Which Should I Choose?

I want my emails to be the same on my computer and all my devices!

How to segment your MailChimp mailing list by WordPress category.

Does your newsletter have segments? Should it?

Hot Mama Pilates

Super clean, professional, scrolling one pager for San Francisco Pilates studio. A lean, clean powerful machine for Cara Grinels, a superstar Pilates instructor in San Francisco. She specializes in pre- and post-natal women and getting them back into the shape they were before. We're using a theme that helped her show off her photos and [...]

Transparent PNGs not so transparent in WOO Themes Canvas?

Banish that white cloud!

Drag the corner of an image to resize it.

You'd think that you could just drag an image in WordPress to resize it. You can.

Choose a thumbnail image for YouTube video

Want to change that thumbnail of your YouTube video? Here's how.

Canvas Child Theme: Bon Appétit

Huge hero image, built-in e-commerce, menus, reservations. Voila! Bon Appétit!

Contact Form Not Sending Notifications?

Gravity Forms (also) stores your forms' entries right there in your WP admin. Just in case.

Canvas Child Theme: Fashionable

Fashionable is a child theme for Canvas designed with the fashion industry in mind.


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