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7 Reasons to Switch your Email to Google Apps

Is it time to get a real email address? Maybe something professional?

Unlimited small WordPress jobs for $79 per month.

How do you define, exactly, unlimited?

Does Your Site Pass the Google Mobile-Friendly Test?

Is your site mobile friendly?


Who decides what's impossible or possible?

Business Capital Moves to StudioPress Genesis

We looked at both StudioPress themes as well as WOO Themes, but finally StudioPress won out on mostly design and layout features.

Should I Blog?

When setting up websites for new businesses, I get this question extremely often. But a bigger, scarier question is: does it matter?

Raised Without Cages

Is a WordPress "good enough" for a fancy San Francisco designer's site? Have a look and you be the judge.

Better Living Through Nutrition

Cathy Cohn had a nice-looking website, but it was all images. Not just the images were images, but the text was images. Ouch.

Ackerman Realty

Craig Ackerman is a high-powered San Francisco realtor who needed a high-powered real estate website. Good Looking Ideas and Likoma teamed up to rock it.

Alex Kugushev

With my new-found love for WOO, I made a last-minute decision to just re-create what we had done in WOO Canvas. Why?

Sorry, Your Website is Gone

A client of mine had three websites hosted at BlueHost. One day they were all down. She called BlueHost and they said, "Sorry, due to a hardware failure, all of your files are gone." Forever, irretrievable, vanished, gonzo, later, sayonara, oh, yeah, sorry. Ouch.

Responsive Design and Mobile Plugins for WordPress

So your site doesn't look quite like you wanted on your iPhone. This article explains some of the options to transform your WordPress site into a mobile-friendly site.

Metal Arts Guild

Working together with Querido Galdo, we transformed an average StudioPress theme into a powerful media powerhouse for the Metal Arts Guild.

Blue Sage

Are you sensing a trend? Old HTML site converted to what looks almost the same but is built in WordPress?

Alloro NYC

Alloro NYC needed new gallery images and wanted some SEO help. The gallery was built in Flash and the site was HTML. Check out this HTML to WordPress conversion.


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