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  • Thinking about selling WordPress themes?

Thinking about selling WordPress themes?

Is there (lots of) money to be made selling WordPress themes?

  • Can you walk away from your WordPress developer?

Can you walk away from your WordPress developer?

It's a good idea to know before it actually happens.

  • Senior Living Community Chooses WordPress

New senior living development chooses Avada

Beautiful photos always help.

  • Looking to make your high maintenance hosting business low maintenance? How about no maintenance?

Go from High Maintenance to No Maintenance

Less money, less work.

  • Don't Host Clients Email. Hang gliding is safer than hosting client's email.

Starting a WordPress hosting business? Plan your exit strategy.

Don't host your client's email. Jus' sayin.'

  • You never know what's going to happen with a big software update.

I updated to Avada 4.0 and this happened.

Click update and cross your fingers.

  • Use this widget to change the way navigation works for pages and other hierarchical post type with different navigation methods.

Need to organize lots of pages on your site?

Got a page-heavy WordPress site?

  • Reasons to move your email to Google Apps

7 Reasons to Switch your Email to Google Apps

Is it time to get a real email address? Maybe something professional?

  • Have you been taken hostage by your website developer?

Don’t get taken hostage (by your website developer).

Ask them what happens to your site if they move to Tahiti?

  • Squarespace is just so easy.

Squarespace, “It’s just so easy.”

Is Squarespace the WordPress killer?

  • You can hope or you can prepare. Your choice.

WordPress and Your Security: What You Need to Know

You can hope or you can prepare. Your choice.

  • Use Managed WordPress Hosting to avoid getting your WordPress site hacked.

Our Abuse department has received a report regarding malware being hosted on your account.

WordPress site hacked? Bummer. So now what?

  • I know I'm showing off, but just have a look at this masonry.

Divi, I’m trying to like you. No, no, it’s not you. It’s me!

Make me fall back in love with you, Divi!

  • Good managed WordPress hosting might cost you a few more bucks per month, but it will save you headaches, stress and even money down the road.

Don’t treat your WordPress hosting like an insurance policy.

Do it right the first time.

  • Reduce security risks with automated plugin updates.

Reduce security risks with automated plugin updates from

There's pretty much no reason to not do this.


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