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From my own camera, I swear.

Did you pay for that stock photo?

Do you randomly download photos from Google images or who-knows-where-else and put them on your website? Yeah, you probably want to stop doing that.

HostGator vs WP Engine

HostGator vs WP Engine

Yes, WP Engine is more expensive than Host Gator. It’s also faster, more secure, and managed.

On Loic Nicoloas' professional photography site.

ProPhoto WordPress Theme

ProPhoto 4 is a powerful WordPress theme for photographers. It’s worth at least checking out.

Great website that lets you log into your FTP server (or file system) with just your user name and password.


Web-based FTP in browser. No FTP, no ports, no nothing necessary. Perfect when certain FTP ports are blocked (like in a hotel).

Is it worth the domain name protection of a service like WHOIS Guard?


When you register a domain, it’s quite a bit like buying a house: just like at city hall, your name is now out there in public. You have options.