Layout, CSS, themes, etc.

Does the popularity game really matter in the WordPress theme world?

It's not so much the number of downloads as the number of die-hard fans.

Looking for better SEO traffic to your site? Share the Love.

Are you properly shouting out to your favorite products and services?

Divi’s global templates sync your content automatically!

Change one, automatically updated everywhere!

These are the must-have design elements to look for in your next eCommerce theme.

What will it take to create a simplified checkout experience with this theme?

How To Choose a WordPress Theme

Your eyes are glazed over, your coffee is cold and almost empty and you're not sure you're any better off than when you started your search. You turn to your trusty dog, half-asleep at your feet, and ask, "Rudolf, how do I choose a WordPress theme?"

Did ElegantThemes Divi’s Visual Builder help make WordPress fun again?

Because if it's not fun, I'm not interested.

In a few days, Elegant Themes is releasing Divi 3. Should you care?

Will Divi 3.0 make WordPress as easy to use as Squarespace?

Thinking about selling WordPress themes?

Is there (lots of) money to be made selling WordPress themes?

Can you walk away from your WordPress developer?

It's a good idea to know before it actually happens.

I updated to Avada 4.0 and this happened.

Click update and cross your fingers.

Squarespace, “It’s just so easy.”

Is Squarespace the WordPress killer?

Don’t Fight with your WordPress Theme

Your theme will never lose.

Should you use fun website design elements just … because they’re fun?

Are you allowed to have so much fun with building a website?

Multiple Featured Images in Avada Creates Slider

Sliders are easy to create with Avada.

Let the beauty of the photo do the work.

Stop with the CSS tweaks! The PHP hacks! The HTML sabotage!


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