Gallery2 (G2) is photo album/gallery software.

WordPress Tutorial: Simple Image Gallery with Captions

We wanted to get some images into WordPress side by side and with captions, but also in categories on the same page.

Image Captions

I often get requests for the ability to add image captions to images. Technically, it's a bit of a pain, so I usually recommend to just put some text under the photo or next to it. Better yet, use a photo gallery (e.g. NextGen). I just ran across the Image Caption Easy plugin and so [...]

G2 Remote

Do you know about Gallery Remote? It's a handy desktop interface so that you can upload entire folders of images to a site. I use it for my personal ( photography site (with Xoops, but no difference, really). I could not upkeep my site otherwise; it would take too long to upload images one by [...]


Full-featured photo gallery. Also as plugin for WordPress.

WP 2.0.1 Adding content, images, files, timestamp

WP 2.0.1 has a nice new WYSIWYG editor that allows you to add an image easily and also files and G2 (Gallery2) images. Here's the video. (about 11 MB, it'll take some time to load)

G2 :: Uploading Photos Using Windows XP

If you're on Windows XP, there's a fantastic uploading tool built into G2 (and XP) that allows you to easily resize, optimize, and upload lots of photos to your website. Here's the video.

G2 :: Creating albums and uploading photos

Video here.


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