Notes, help, and praise for WP plugins. I’m not a programmer and didn’t write any of these, they’re mostly just a place to put my notes.

  • WordPress 4.6 "Pepper" is out. That's my dog, Pepper.

WordPress 4.6 is out and I don’t care–and neither should you.

It came, it updated, I didn't notice. That's the way it should be.

  • Use this widget to change the way navigation works for pages and other hierarchical post type with different navigation methods.

Need to organize lots of pages on your site?

Got a page-heavy WordPress site?

  • You can hope or you can prepare. Your choice.

WordPress and Your Security: What You Need to Know

You can hope or you can prepare. Your choice.

  • Reduce security risks with automated plugin updates.

Reduce security risks with automated plugin updates from

There's pretty much no reason to not do this.

  • FTP in WP

Is your WordPress uploader asking for your FTP login information?

If you have an FTP dialog and you shouldn't, maybe it's this.

  • Imagine never having another WordPress headache.

Unlimited small WordPress jobs for $79 per month.

How do you define, exactly, unlimited?

  • You want complicated? I can get your complicated. [The Settlers of Catan]

So you’d like to blog, then podcast about the blog, monetize the podcast with a course that has a membership component, accept PayPal and credit cards and invite affiliates to help market your services. Uh huh.

Is there something to help online businesses?

  • License Manager for WOO Commerce

License Manager for WOO Commerce

Need sequential code delivery?

  • Could it really be true that with a single click you can migrate your site to managed WordPress hosting?

Migrating from cPanel to Managed WordPress Hosting

The one-click migration worked! Well, after 3 clicks.

  • Order your pages, hierarchical custom post types, or custom post types with "page-attributes" with simple drag and drop right from the built in page list.

Simple Page Ordering: Drag and Drop Your WordPress Pages

Easily rearrange your WordPress page order through drag and drop.

  • Don't want to get hacked? Don't make it easy on them.

Don’t be the easiest target for WordPress hackers.

Don't give the hacker the easy way in.

  • Backup and restoration made easy. Complete backups; manual or scheduled (backup to S3, Dropbox, Google Drive, Rackspace, FTP, SFTP, email + others).

Switching from BackupBuddy to Updraft Plus

Bye bye BackupBuddy, hello Updraft Plus Backup.

  • Update WordPress plugins, themes, and core as new versions become available.

Should you auto-update plugins and themes?

Is your site ready for automatic updates of everything?

  • In cPanel, find the Mail section. Then see MX Records.

My Contact Form Isn’t Emailing Me

Someone fills out your contact form but you don't get the mail?

  • How often does your theme developer update their theme or framework?


The changelog can be something of a secret weapon to gauging the competence of a theme developer.


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