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Notes, help, and praise for WP plugins. I’m not a programmer and didn’t write any of these, they’re mostly just a place to put my notes.

How often does your theme developer update their theme or framework?


This entry is part 4 of 4 in the series Why WOO

This entry is part 4 of 4 in the series Why WOOThe changelog can be something of a secret weapon to gauging the competence of a theme developer.

Custom Menu Shortcode

Custom Menu Shortcode

Looking to add a list of pages or posts or categories or anything into a page? Create a custom menu first and then use this shortcode to put it anywhere on your site.

Working to recreate the Canvas Portfolio function without using a custom post type.

Why I Don’t Use Custom Post Types

I have tried to stay away from Custom Post Types (not a post or a page, but another type of “post” in WordPress) in case I change themes or plugins and they’re no longer compatible or friendly or just don’t work the way I want them to.

WordPress Jetpack

Jetpack Publicize

Until Jetpack came out with their Publicize module, getting your posts connected to your social media took a few plugins, a bit of hacking, and or a chunk of patience. With Jetpack’s new Publicize, it’s a snap.

Summary Tables

Summary Tables

Did you know WordPress’s own Site Stats (through Jetpack) has years of stats right there in the dashboard? Either did I.

List Pages Shortcode (output)

List Pages Shortcode

Whaddyaknow, there’s a plugin called “List Pages Shortcode.” Who knew? Obviously not me. Works like a charm.

GD Press Tools change user login name

GD Press Tools

GD Press Tools Pro is a powerful plugin that can protect, back up, and optimize your site–all from within one plugin.

login names attempted

Limit Login Attempts

The limit login attempts plugin blocks IP addresses after they’ve tried to get into your WordPress install. You can change the settings to keep them out for a long time.


BuddyPress can turn your WordPress site into a full-blown socially-connected, discussion, Facebook-like, powerful community site.

Tahiti 10,000

Hana Code Insert

Do your posts’ fancy HTML code (or embeds or movies or JavaScript) get mangled when you–or worse–someone else, opens your WordPress post in the Visual editor?

Category Icons

Category Icons

Finally, with the help of the Category Icons plugin, I can designate certain posts in a list to have an icon.