• Senior Living Community Chooses WordPress

New senior living development chooses Avada

Beautiful photos always help.

  • You never know what's going to happen with a big software update.

I updated to Avada 4.0 and this happened.

Click update and cross your fingers.

  • You can hope or you can prepare. Your choice.

WordPress and Your Security: What You Need to Know

You can hope or you can prepare. Your choice.

  • I know I'm showing off, but just have a look at this masonry.

Divi, I’m trying to like you. No, no, it’s not you. It’s me!

Make me fall back in love with you, Divi!

  • FTP in WP

Is your WordPress uploader asking for your FTP login information?

If you have an FTP dialog and you shouldn't, maybe it's this.

  • Imagine never having another WordPress headache.

Unlimited small WordPress jobs for $79 per month.

How do you define, exactly, unlimited?

  • You want complicated? I can get your complicated. [The Settlers of Catan]

So you’d like to blog, then podcast about the blog, monetize the podcast with a course that has a membership component, accept PayPal and credit cards and invite affiliates to help market your services. Uh huh.

Is there something to help online businesses?

  • Update WordPress plugins, themes, and core as new versions become available.

Should you auto-update plugins and themes?

Is your site ready for automatic updates of everything?

  • Increase WordPress Memory Limit for Avada
  • Increase WordPress Memory Limit for Avada

Increase memory limits on GoDaddy’s Managed WordPress hosting

Even with managed WordPress hosting, you can increase your PHP memory.

  • Having way too much fun with new Avada theme.

Should you use fun website design elements just … because they’re fun?

Are you allowed to have so much fun with building a website?

  • Can your site be too custom?

“My WordPress website has been customized to the point that no one can work on it.”

Custom code is awesome ... if you're a coder.

  • Featured images in Avada
  • Featured images in Avada
  • Featured images in Avada

Multiple Featured Images in Avada Creates Slider

Sliders are easy to create with Avada.

  • Truly drag and drop visual builder makes creating layouts ... fun.

Getting acquainted with Fusion Builder

Drag-and-drop visual editor in the Avada theme is easy and fun to use.

  • If you used all features from a theme, might you learn something about your business?

Can you describe an aspect of your business in 4 numbers?

Pretend you don't know your business and see what you learn.

  • On Loic Nicoloas' professional photography site.

ProPhoto WordPress Theme

ProPhoto 4 is a powerful WordPress theme for photographers. It's worth at least checking out.


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