Screencasts (videos) of help topics for website editing, promotion, and programming.

Unlimited small WordPress jobs for $79 per month.

How do you define, exactly, unlimited?

WordPress home page is fine, but all interior pages are giving 404 error.

It's a one-click fix. Yay for those!

Jetpack Publicize

Until Jetpack came out with their Publicize module, getting your posts connected to your social media took a few plugins, a bit of hacking, and or a chunk of patience. With Jetpack's new Publicize, it's a snap.

WordPress Overview 3.5

Here's a VERY quick run through of the basics of WordPress. In case you're rusty.

Widgetizing the WOO Canvas Header

A widget up in the right side of the header in WOO Canvas would be nice. Here's how to set that up.

Nothing found for … Solution: Repair DB

Site running, but no posts? In "Posts" in WordPress is it empty? In PHP MyAdmin (the SQL database admin where all of the content lives), do you get an error when at the wp_posts table? It might be as simple as repairing the database.

Post Formats

What are post formats and why will you love them? Posts, asides, photos, audio, video, status, etc.. Holy moly.

Genesis Featured Posts Widget

I had used the Genesis Featured Page in a widget, but then I realized it really needed to be a Featured Post. "Aha, what do we have here in the widget area? Genesis Featured Posts!" Lucky me.

WordPress Screen Options

On just about every WordPress admin page, you can customize which editing area, widgets, and features are visible on the page.

Show Hide the Kitchen Sink

Can't find that second row of formatting buttons in your WordPress post editing area?

WordPress Settings (site name, tagline, size of the post box, permalinks, etc.)

Here are some basic tips for getting your WordPress installation set up. This video goes over site name, tagline, time zone, writing post height, permalinks, media file settings, etc.

Setting up a Google Account, Google Analytics and Google Analyticator Plugin

To make sure your WordPress site is being tracked by Google Account, you'll need to first set up a Google Account, then Google Account and I like the Google Analyticator plugin.

WordPress API Key for Akismet and WordPress.com Stats

To set up the Akismet (for comment spam) and WordPress.com Stats plugins, you'll need an API key from wordpress.com.

WordPress Tutorial | Change DNS information, A record

You have your files and database backed up and restored to your new host. Now it's time to tell the domain to point to the new host.

WordPress Tutorial | Restore files and database

Now that you have your files and database backed up from your previous host, we need to upload them (or "restore" them) to the new host.


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