Looking for better SEO traffic to your site? Share the Love.

Are you properly shouting out to your favorite products and services?

Stuck getting your WordPress site live? Have you thought of Squarespace?

Stop the struggle.

How far are you willing to go with your brand?

Does your brand dare to be different?

3 Blog Techniques to Use in your Branding Efforts

The best way to have readers keep coming back is to keep writing good content.

You probably shouldn’t really name your company this.

Heckle your name as if were a bad act in a smoky night club--and you're drunk.

Can you name your company whatever you want?

Sure, why not!? Oh, but wait, there's more.

Don’t use a feature of your services as your business name.

What does your company name do for a new customer?

You know what your logo signifies. But do your potential customers?

It might even be ... dangerous.

Sorry, I moved to Squarespace!

Is it really that much easier?

Is your brand sending out mixed messages?

Your brand seems clear to you. What about to a stranger?

Social Media is (also) about being in the right place at the right time.

Where is your audience when?

We will no longer accept paper checks (and why you shouldn’t either).

What is this, the 1900's?

When everything is highlighted, nothing is highlighted.

What's the one idea you want to convey?

How to Learn Online Marketing in San Francisco? Introducing: Timelapse.

Never. Stop. Learning. This statement is more and more true in today’s knowledge economy, and we think it particularly applies to online marketing! That is definitely a very fast-changing field. How do you do that? Conferences are expensive. The quality of free online resources varies a lot. Online trainings are usually quite basic, and it’s [...]

30 seconds, 500 dollars, 1 video. Ready for your 30 seconds of fame?

They talk about 15 minutes of fame. Now you have the media in your face and you only have 30 seconds? Ready?


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