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GoDaddy acquires Manage WP and now WP Curve. What gives?

Is GoDaddy up to something awesome?

Starting a WordPress hosting business? Plan your exit strategy.

Don't host your client's email. Jus' sayin.'

We will no longer accept paper checks (and why you shouldn’t either).

What is this, the 1900's?

Don’t get taken hostage (by your website developer).

Ask them what happens to your site if they move to Tahiti?

Unlimited small WordPress jobs for $79 per month.

How do you define, exactly, unlimited?

50% Off Google Apps for Work Coupon

50% off of Google Apps? It's going to go fast.

iPhone 6 can’t play your MP4 files? Here’s a video player you might not have thought of.

I have a solution, but it's so simple, I'm afraid it won't work (but it does).

WordPress hacked? WP Engine will take care of it.

WordPress site hacked? Hosted with WP Engine? You're in good hands.


Looking to connect with like-minded business starters and owners? Give Fizzle a dollar and you get a month.

Dropbox filling up your hard drive? Selective Sync to the rescue.

Dropbox actually can slow down your computer if you let it put too many files on your hard drive.

Wanted: WordPress Project Manager

You basically need to know (and love) WordPress.

Managed WordPress Hosting at GoDaddy

GoDaddy isn't the first name of I think of with either "WordPress" or "managed hosting" but they're going to give it a shot.

How Long Will Your Favorite Product Be Around?

How can you prevent using a product or being dependent on a company that might be disappearing soon? Here's how: keep an eye on them.

Canvas Changelog 5.5.0: Full-Width Slider and Widgetized Header

Full-width business slider, widgetized header area, new testimonials ... proof that WOO listens to their customers.

Let the Specialists do their Specialty

Does the dentist also change your oil and shine your shoes? Well, not my dentist.


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