Plug-Ins We Love

SEO Smart Links Plugin

This is a handy plugin for the internet marketing crowd. It does a number of things very well, but my favorite feature is the ability to universally turn a given word on your blog or website into a link to a specific page. This is really great for SEO and for affiliate marketers. The fundamental [...]

What’s the best forum plugin/add-on for WordPress?

We have some "private" discussions going on here at Creative Storefront and I'd like to have them here on the site somehow rather than just emails.

How to install Google Analytics on your self-hosted WordPress Site (video tutorial)

I thought I'd try my hand at making a video tutorial. This first-pass is a little rough, but I think the point comes across. It's something many of you already know how to do: installing Google Analytics in your WordPress blog. I know there are a ton of Google Analytics plugins for WordPress, but the [...]

You got Flickr in my Facebook

I have photos on my Facebook page, but I want them on my website, too. Can I import them or something?


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