What plugins, add-ons, or other software is the site running? Examples include Gallery2 (photo gallery), PHP List (mailing list), or WordPress plugins such as Random Quotes, FlashFader, or LightBox.

New York Photographer Goes to Avada Theme

Michael Radassao upgrades to Avada.

Business Capital Switches to WOO Canvas

It was in a Genesis theme, but it just wasn't customizable enough.

Phenomenal Mind

Is that WOO Canvas? Couldn't really tell. Exactly. Diane Kern's Phenomenal Mind.

Criminal Trial Lawyers Association of Northern California

CTLA now has a site that can help them manage their members, disseminate information, and even collect dues for their membership organization. All with WordPress, plugins, and add-ons.

Fashion Eye for Men

Joui Turandot needed a rebranding from her "Joui Style" brand and site to take it to the next level. Beyond just Joui and her style, but focusing on her clients and what she was going to do to help those clients: Fashion Eye for Men was born.

Good Looking Ideas

Lauren Deane of Good Looking Ideas (goodlookingideas.com) wanted a site that she could update herself but didn't sacrifice design style. In fact, she wanted a site that didn't sacrifice anything.

BNI Embarcadero Gets a Marketing Makeover

BNI Embarcadero (bniembarcadero.com) was a nice-looking, functional site. Until Lauren Deane of Good Looking Ideas came along.

Loïc Photography

Loïc Nicolas (loicphoto.com) needed a site that he could add to on a regular basis easily--but with style.

Carolyn Tillie

Together with Dio Luria and John Muldoon, we transformed Carolyn Tillie's jewelry site into a lean, mean, e-commerce machine. We found the WPA theme on ThemeForest and it's a beaut.

Rip Gerber

Rip Gerber needed a site that went beyond one of his first books (pharmathriller.com) and pulled together all of his books. At ripgerber.com, Rip can now add all of his books, writing, accolades, book covers, blurbs, the whole caboodle.

Kim Brown Seely

Kim Brown Seely has a stunning new site to showcase her writing. We found an excellent theme at ThemeForest, customized a few bits, added her content and voila!

SF Urban Community Housing Corporation

SF Urban Community Housing Corporation (sfurbanchc.org) needed a system to update their site more easily and give the look a style upgrade.

Speech Writing Pro

Kevin Ferguson wanted a new site for his professional speech writing blog. Step up to the mike: Speech Writing Pro.

Adults on the Autism Spectrum

Nancy Perry wanted a platform to help promote her book, "Adults on the Autism Spectrum." With design help from Tim Johnson, we created a clean, smart, and useful site for the author and her book.

Living Abroad in Costa Rica Blog

Erin Van Rheenen needed a blog site to work alongside her main site so she could easily blog from the road. With Laurie King at the marketing and strategy helm, we did just that.


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