Dr. Linda Tucker Takes it to the Next Level

Dr. Linda Tucker Takes it to the Next Level

Her podcast is taking off, her book is going to hit the shelves. It’s time to up the game.

Dr. Linda Tucker’s new website is showcasing exactly what sets her a notch above other psycho analysts in San Francisco. Let us count the ways:

  1. Podcast: she hosts an award-winning weekly podcast: Challenge Your Thinking. She’s getting out into other media, not just blog posts, Facebook, Twitter and her new book.
  2. Book: speaking of her new book, she’s covering yet another branch of the media: publication. But get this, she’s not writing about how to, I don’t know, beat your addiction to beating your husband,* she’s helping you find the best psychoanalyst. How about that for going meta! The book is called, “At a Crossroads: 11 Tips to Finding the Best Psychotherapist for You.”
  3. Social media: I mentioned in passing that she’s on social media. How many psychotherapists do you know who are burning up the social media scene? Check her on Twitter @DrLindaTucker, she’s worth following.

Dr. Tucker is the dream client: she has a lot going for her already, but she’s ready to take it all to the next level. She’s active and wants to be more active. It’s a pleasure to work with her and help her get to the next level.

You can keep up with her podcasts, sign up for her book launch and follow her posts and news at drlindatucker.com.

New York Photographer Goes to Avada Theme

New York Photographer Goes to Avada Theme

Showing off his work with sliders and portfolios.

If you have excellent photography, let the images do the work–not the WordPress theme.

Michael Radassao displays his beautiful work effortlessly with easy-to-use sliders for the home page as well as a portfolio section, a space for a blog and customer testimonials.

His previous site worked well in WOO Themes Canvas, but with the Avada WordPress theme, we’re taking it to the next level. The home page has parallax effects, scrolling long page where we can introduce Michael and his work and then lead off into sub-sections to dig deeper into the photography.

Sideways Incentives

Sideways Incentives

A little content, stunning photos, let’s see, what can make with this …

Sideways Incentives is live and ready for action!

Even if you only have a few paragraphs of content for your new business, get it online! Get out there, get it live, let Google know you exist. Oh yes, and real people, too. But Google first–then real people will be able to find it more quickly.

Remember, this is a website, not a print brochure. If later you’d like to add different photos, no worries, just upload them as you have them. In fact, Google likes when you add new content as you have it, makes it seem like you’re growing, adding new information, which, of course, you are.

We chose the popular WordPress Avada theme for Sideways as it’s just so crazy powerful and leaves room for growth with its options, layouts, shortcodes and zillions of features we haven’t even played with yet.



Who decides what’s impossible or possible? Could it be you?

Re-engineer impossible.

Re-engineer impossible.

Repossible challenges the impossible. We wanted to rework the site to let it shine the power that it’s growing into. The site is broken up into different areas where they just see impossible as an opinion–and their opinion is to look at it from another angle and turn it into possible. There are sections on Home Exchange, Parenting, Health and Writing with growth towards more.

We chose the stunningly popular Avada theme as it allows for parallax pages, video backgrounds with configurable opacity overlays, creative archive (timeline) pages, more slider options than you’ll ever need, and a drag-and-drop page builder that makes WordPress page layout design a snap.

If your site has the goods, let it shine. Repossible combines excellent content and stunning imagery so we wanted a design that was going to maximize letting it be seen. Avada has responsive design built right in and it does it very well. Check out Repossible on your phone, it looks like it was built for the phone.

Could it be that if you have great content and beautiful imagery you should let it shine through? Don’t mess with the code and end up with a mess of code. Leave the programming to the programmers and focus on what you’re awesome at: content and design.

The Repossible Mantra

  • Priorities: It’s usually a choice. What’s yours going to be?
  • Perspective: From another angle, is it so blinding?
  • Perseverance: Do you have the stamina? Do you at least have more than the guy next to you?
Zeimer’s Advertising Shoppe Upgrades to WOO Themes Canvas

Zeimer’s Advertising Shoppe Upgrades to WOO Themes Canvas

With WOO Themes Canvas, we had more layout, function, and design options.

Gil Zeimer’s Advertising Shoppe site gets a good amount of traffic. Gil is a prolific copywriter who specializes in, well, whatever the client needs. He’s done a ton of work in healthcare copywriting, but is a quick learner for whatever topic you might need.

His old theme was a good old theme—bit like an old dog. But it was time to go and he didn’t have easy layout options like he’ll have with Canvas. Now he can even update the slider on the home page (using Canvas’s built-in slider). I hope he gets more out of the new theme and is able to get even more out of his WordPress portfolio site.

Lauren Deane Evans (of Good Looking Ideas) designed the layout to showcase Gil’s work. Easy-to-find recent posts as well as a robust sidebar navigation to allow the visitor to sift through Gil’s site to find what they need. Speaking of finding, the search box is large and accessible and hopefully helpful for visitors to the site.

Zeimer's Advertising Shoppe upgrades to WOO Themes Canvas

Zeimer’s Advertising Shoppe upgrades to WOO Themes Canvas

California People of Faith Working Against the Death Penalty

California People of Faith Working Against the Death Penalty

CPF had a site not built in WordPress. Yeah, how do you update that?

You don’t.

They had a simple site with content, links, a few photos and a logo. But they couldn’t update it. Well, not without going through their web developer. But that takes time, costs money, you know the deal.

If they could just update the basics on their own, it would be paradise! Oh me, oh my, how could we achieve that?

We copied over the content and designed a reliable WordPress theme to match their old site and now they can update their own content. Now that was easy.

California People of Faith Working Against the Death Penalty

California People of Faith Working Against the Death Penalty


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