Painters, jewelers, chefs, performers, theaters, actors, photographers, designers, etc.


Take an off-the-shelf theme, customize it.

New York Photographer Goes to Avada Theme

Michael Radassao upgrades to Avada.

Northern California Enamel Guild

If you have beautiful artwork to show off, don't let the design of your site get in the way.

How’d they do that? A tricked-out site demystified.

It seems to be a completely custom site. But behind the scenes, it's just a powerful WordPress theme and a few plugins.

Muza Kids

Muza Kids sports a brand-new website built in WOO Themes Canvas. On the cover, looks clean and crisp. Under the hood, it's a powerful machine.

Gelberg Variations

Some nice imagery can make the home page of a site stunning and memorable. Sarah Gelberg launches her Gelberg Variations.

Flagstone Pantry

Flagstone Pantry is going to be exciting to watch. Kristen Desmond is a rockstar who is going to make this happen.

Katrina Rozelle

Katrina Rozelle does jaw-dropping (and mouth-watering) work. But her old site just wasn't showing it off.


Here's what you get when you mix beautiful photography, design, and development into one delicious delight.

Michael Radassao Photography

NYC Photographer goes WOO over WordPress and WOO Canvas.

Spirit Makeover

Camille Mojica Rey was a perfect candidate for a WOO Canvas site. Hmm, on the other hand: who isn't?

Watercolor Artist Moves to StudioPress

We had an ancient WP theme and we couldn't really tweak it the way we wanted to. Good time to leapfrog several years of WordPress theme development and design and jump right to the front of the line: StudioPress.

Raised Without Cages

Is a WordPress "good enough" for a fancy San Francisco designer's site? Have a look and you be the judge.

Likoma Switches to WOO Canvas (Commerce)

It's that time again and this time, I just couldn't wait. We switched Likoma to WOO Canvas (Commerce) today! Woot for WOO!

Metal Arts Guild

Working together with Querido Galdo, we transformed an average StudioPress theme into a powerful media powerhouse for the Metal Arts Guild.


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