AIDS, Africa, theater and everything in between. Non-profits especially enjoy the low cost of being able to update their own content.

  • 3rd party slider found on Code Canyon.

Found a great non-Canvas theme! Or, well, ahem, maybe not.

Think you found a beautiful theme! A great start. But what's really appealing about it? Let's have a look.

  • Muza Kids

Muza Kids

Muza Kids sports a brand-new website built in WOO Themes Canvas. On the cover, looks clean and crisp. Under the hood, it's a powerful machine.

  • Keep Oakland Beautiful

Keep Oakland Beautiful

Together with top designer Querido Galdo, we have another winner of a site.

  • Community Ventures

Community Ventures

The third in a trio of sites we did for a law group. The consistency of the theme framework means less fiddling for the team working on the content.

  • Cutting Edge Capital

Cutting Edge Capital

They already had a WordPress website, but we wanted to bring it up to speed as the other new sites in the organization.

  • Philanthropy Futures

Philanthropy Futures

The client wanted to use a theme from Theme Forest. Yeah, I get it. But we're not going to do that. Here's why.

  • Thrift Store Runway

Thrift Store Runway

Thrift Store Runway was on Tumblr. They were running into limitations and wanted to use WordPress.

  • Querido Galdo's MIV Action Fund

MIV Action Fund

With just a few icon treatments, Querido turns a regular site into a colorful collection of useful information.

  • FULC After the Transformation

First United Lutheran Church

Lauren and Bradley are at it again. Transforming a whole lotta nothing into a gotta-have-it something. And this is a CHURCH website.

  • Curry Senior Center After

Curry Senior Center

Not bad at all: nice images, lots of content, good navigation. Hard to beat, but with WOO Canvas and Slider Pro, it sure makes the job easier.

  • Rooftop K8

Rooftop School

Rooftop School's website was built in Homestead. Ouch.

  • San Francisco Conference of Lutheran Churches, ELCA

San Francisco Conference of Lutheran Churches

Susan Strouse needed a site that was editable and hosted somewhere that was reliable and accessible. With WordPress +, she was all set.

  • Book Bank USA

Book Bank Gets a New Cover

With the new look, we're able to show off "featured stories" on the home page with the fabulous slider. We can also highlight three main focus areas below that slider on the home page with easy-to-edit widgets.

  • Coming Out in the 1950's

Coming Out in the 1950’s

Phil Siegel needed a site up to basically give a YouTube video a home. He needed a solid site up fast. He needed to embed video and have a form where people could upload their link to their own YouTube video. Genesis + Gravity + Likoma.

San Quentin T.R.U.S.T.

Working together with John Muldoon of The Watermark Group, we set up a beautiful theme, added some customization, content, copy, and the site was live.


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