Photo galleries are fairly easy, but then integrating that into a website is a bit more complex. Below are some photographers’ sites and most are seamlessly intertwined into a website (where they can put content, e.g. About the Photographer).

New York Photographer Goes to Avada Theme

Michael Radassao upgrades to Avada.

Michael Radassao Photography

NYC Photographer goes WOO over WordPress and WOO Canvas.

Loïc Photography

Loïc Nicolas ( needed a site that he could add to on a regular basis easily--but with style.

Foster Travel Publishing

Lee Foster was looking to overhaul his travel writing and travel photography site. He had quite a complex set up with CNAME entries leading to custom URLs at PhotoShelter, a custom shopping cart that worked with PayPal, 250+ articles with loads of text, images, slideshows, and a blog at TypePad? Whew. Ready?

Professional Photographers of the Greater Bay Area

The Professional Photographers of the Greater Bay Area ( needed a revamp because only a technical few could update the legacy backend software on the site.

Mischa Photography

Mischa Purcell wanted a blog to add to his photography site. He wanted it to seamlessly live together with his main photography site, but use a system that would allow him easy updates using a web-based content management system.

Diane LeBow

Diane LeBow ( is a writer, photographer, and world traveler who needed a site that could keep up with her.

Lone Mørch

Lone Mørch ( needed a site for her writing that wasn't too much like--but not too far from either--her Lolo's Boudoir ( photography site.

Montgomery Photographic

John Montgomery needed a place for his photography. Well, yeah ...

Jackson Lynch Photography

Jackson Lynch wanted a Flash slideshow that he could update himself. Enter SimpleViewer. Done.

Robin Sparks

Robin Sparks is a world traveler, writer, and photographer. She needed a website that could keep up with her -- and that she could keep up with.

Kevin McCaughey

Kevin McCaughey is a language teacher, a writer, and a photographer who needed a website that could help him help his students as well as his own writing -- all from a connection somewhere left of Siberia.


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