Yoast WordPress SEO Site Title Fixed

See site title “Likoma Playground” duplicate added at end of title

When using Yoast’s fantastic WordPress SEO, depending on your theme, you might get duplicate titles. If you do, there’s a simple fix.

We’re using a WOO theme and the title gets duplicated and put at the end of the site title.

Yoast WordPress SEO Site Title Fix

Check this box, “Force rewrite titles.”

In the settings for the WordPress SEO General tab, choose Force Rewrite Titles. It seems there’s a conflict where the theme wants to use your site title in one way and WordPress SEO wants to do it another way. By checking the “Force rewrite titles” box, you solve the duplicate title issue.

The WordPress SEO plugin is a powerful SEO plugin that has loads of features to help you drive traffic to your site by optimizing the titles and descriptions of your posts and pages.

Yoast leads the field in SEO and his plugin is easy to use and highly recommended for any website that cares about its traffic.

If your titles are duplicated, try this fix and hopefully you’re all set.

Yoast WordPress SEO Site Duplicate Title

Duplicate title now removed. Only title and description now.