Chris Brogan is at it again: posting such useful content that I don’t want to forget so I have to post it on my own site so I’ll know where I can find it!

Many of my clients get their websites set up and it’s ready to go live and then … “Oh yeah, content. Hmm. That.” We’re all basically turning into writers, journalists, researchers, and interviewers if we want to build a content rich site. Chris lays out a easy-to-follow framework for adding content to your site in his article, “How to use a writing frame.” The basic frame is:

  • Great Title
  • Related Graphic
  • Strong+Story First Paragraph
  • First Example
  • Second and/or Third Example
  • Action Items
  • Call to Action

When clients ask me for ideas about where to find content for their sites, I suggest they look in their email inbox. There is usually plenty of fodder there for your expertise. In other words, take a question from a client/colleague/prospect and turn it into a blog post. One of my most common questions is how to transfer their domain name to another registrar. I recommend GoDaddy for domain registrations so instead of writing that out to 237 people each time they ask, I posted an article called “How to Transfer Your Domain to GoDaddy” and then just send a link to people who ask. It also sends people to my site (traffic, Google rank, etc.) as well as lets them see what else I have going on at the site.