Bulk editing (activating/deactivating) of modules? Sold!

There’s even a plugin out there to help bulk edit modules so it must have been an issue. Whenever there’s a plugin to change something in another plugin, if the developers are listening, then hopefully it will become a feature.

New layout, easier to navigate all of the tons of modules, bulk editing activation and deactivation, some new features and Jetpack is maturing. It’s worth checking out some of the modules as it’s an efficient way to reduce the number of plugins your site is running.

I’m looking forward to learning about the Site Verification Tools. Here’s what Jetpack has to say about it:

Verifying your site ownership with services like Google, Microsoft’s Bing, and Pinterest can be an experience in frustration. Jetpack 3.0 adds a Site Verification Tools module – just register with any of the available services (links are provided on the feature’s configuration page), drop in the provided key, and presto! Site ownership verified. Read more about it!

Here’s the full list of tweaks.

  • New User Interface for managing modules and settings
  • New Module: Verfication Tools
  • Enhancement: New look for the Sharing module
  • Enhancement: Multiple improvements on which Twitter handle a Twitter card will display
  • Enhancement: Add option to hide Google+ Authorship banner while still receiving the benefits
  • Enhancement: Many Infinite Scroll enhancements to improve performance
  • Enhancement: Infinite Scroll will use your CPT’s display name instead of “Older Posts”
  • Enhancement: JSON API added /media/new endpoint
  • Enhancement: Added filter to assign new default image for Open Graph tags
  • Enhancement: New [jetpack-related-posts] shortcode to add Related Posts to page instead of default placement
  • Enhancement: Added SSO option to turn off login form completely, to use WordPress.com login exclusively
  • Enhancement: The shortcode allows for Google Maps Engine
  • Enhancement: YouTube shortcode allows HD playback
  • Enhancement: Smoother, Faster Tiled Galleries!
  • Enhancement: New languages! Use Jetpack in Irish, Fulah, and Tigrinya
  • Bugfix: Use your browser’s Back and Forward buttons when naviagating a Carousel
  • Bugfix: Various Related Posts fixes and improvements for added flexibility
  • Bugfix: WordPress 3.9: Restores ability to edit Contact Forms
  • Bugfix: WordPress 3.9: Restores Gallery Widget compatability
  • Bugfix: Ensure Markdown is kept when Bulk Editing posts
  • Bugfix: Improved Jetpack’s Multisite Network Admin page for networks with a large number of sites
  • Bugfix: Ensure Sharing settings persist when Bulk Editing a post
  • Bugfix: Various other shortcode improvements

Bulk edit of modules? Sold!