Yes, there are 12 other places you can put your custom CSS. But this one is easy … and color coded.

Jetpack’s Custom CSS module is a great place to store the quick bit of CSS. Or, if you’d like, you could put most of your CSS in there. At least it’s there as an option if you’d like it.


  • Easy-to-use CSS area right in your WordPress admin
  • Backups!
  • Color coded!
  • Line numbering
  • Error checking


  • Running yet another Jetpack module
  • Another place to remember to check if you put some custom CSS
  • If you have multiple designers and/or coders working on the site, they now also have a few places to look for code updates. Although, a bit of communication can solve this.

Other places to put your CSS

In case you were wondering where else one might put CSS …

  1. Your (child) theme’s main style.css file
  2. Your parent theme’s custom.css file
  3. If using a theme like Canvas, there’s a field where you can put CSS (not as friendly to use, just a simple box)
  4. Create a separate CSS file

[box type=”info”]You don’t have to use it, but it’s nice that it’s there. Plus, it’s a nice little editor. [/box]

Hard-core coders probably wouldn’t use this. But if you’re on WPU, you’re probably not a hard-core coder. In fact, one of the foundations of this site is seeing how much we can accomplish without hard-core coding. If you want custom sites built from scratch, head over to some pros who do just that.

Yes, you also have to have a Jetpack module running, but if you have a fast WordPress host, that should all be moot.

Need a place to put your CSS code directly from the WordPress admin? Got that.

Need a place to put your CSS code directly from the WordPress admin? Got that.