Jetpack’s new Omnisearch is a powerful way to search your site … if only from the inside.

If you just can’t remember where you mentioned the “sofritas burrito” on your site (was it in a post? a page? in a comment?) you can use the Omnisearch to find it. It’s fast, it categorizes by type of content (post, page, comment, etc.) and boom, there you have it.

[box type=”alert”]My only complaint? With a search so powerful and useful, why can’t we have it for the site’s visitors in regular WordPress search?[/box]

Because it’s part of Jetpack, if you don’t want to use it, you can just deactivate it. Also, you could turn it on just to use it a few times, then turn it off again. That’s the nice thing about Jetpack’s modules, they’re easy to turn on and off.

But seriously folks, wouldn’t it be nice to have such a search function on your WordPress site? Something that arranged the search results by page, post, category, comment, or something else? Or maybe it already exists?

Jetpack's Omnisearch is a powerful search tool, but it's only for site admins. Bummer.

Jetpack’s Omnisearch is a powerful search tool, but it’s only for site admins. Bummer.