Our Team by WOO Themes Displays the Users of Your Site

WOO Themes has yet another plugin which uses custom post types to display collections of data: Our Team. This one focuses on team members (or users or authors or whatever you’d like to call them). It displays:

  • Name
  • User role: Administrator, Editor, etc. (you can turn it off).
  • URL: link to their site.
  • Twitter: their Twitter handle.

[box]I’ve recently looked at two other WOO Themes plugins that I quite like: Testimonials and Features. So when to use which? I’ll put together a wrap-up post to compare these options later, but for now, let’s see what this Our Team plugin can do.[/box]

WOO warns you right off the bat that there’s not much styling going on here. They do (as per usual) give you some quick help to do some things on your own. For example, add some new custom fields (see the FAQ). There are lots of “Member Roster” plugins out there, but depending on what you need, some are just too simple … or too complex. Let’s see how this one compares as I dig into it and see also how it compares to these other WOO Themes “collections” of data plugins.

For the moment, I gave it a quick spin and found it easy enough to add the new users, but I would have liked at least some basic CSS in there that gave me at least an option or two. I’d love to have something I could use with confidence that could do all of how this page works (using ancient plugins): Member Roster.

Want to list your team? Here's a handy plugin that makes it (kinda) easy.

Want to list your team? Here’s a handy plugin that makes it (kinda) easy.