As often happens, a client wants a link to an external site in a menu list. Sure, I could make a custom (manual) bullet list and make the page names and the links to them or the categories and their links and then just put the name and link to the external site in between. One better solution is the NAVT plugin: a beauty with loads of tricks and tips to make your navigation menus easier to use. But one site had some sort of custom “list pages” in the header and I couldn’t figure out how to get NAVT working in there. So I made a page called Blog and then used the Redirection plugin and made it go from that page’s URL (e.g. to her blog ( Worked like a charm!

See it action at Erika Mailman’s site in the header where she links to her blog at BlogSpot.

Erika Mailman screen shot showing link to external blog site