Site Review & Recommendations

Site Review & Recommendations


Your site just isn’t quite doing it for you. You’re not sure if it’s the design or content or both. Maybe it’s the social media. Maybe it’s the logo. Maybe it’s the placement of your call to action … maybe it’s the lack of call to action. Let us have a look and give you a review and recommendations and we can talk about how to take your site (and your business) to the next level.

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You think your site needs some help, but you’re just not sure how or what or why. Let us have a look.


We’re going to have a look at your site from the perspective of a visitor. What do they see? What are their first impressions? That’s all lovely, but then what needs to be done about it?


  • Headlines: is it clear what your site is about? What’s the first thing I notice? Is that good … or wrong.
  • Call to Action: what am I supposed to do? Buy a T-shirt? Sign up for a workshop? Be entertained? Is it easy for the visitor to do so?
  • Copy: is the main content engaging? Easy to read? Too long? Too short? Just right? Is it on topic? How many authors?
  • SEO: is  the content organized in a way that search engines like it? Heading 1, Heading 2, etc.? Is there a site map? Is it organized well? Navigation and menus and sidebars: are they easy to navigate?


  • Layout: is your site easy to navigate? Easy to find information? Friendly for visitors? Friendly for Google?
  • Branding: does your have an immediate brand to it? A “feel” or “personality”? If so, is on target?
  • Color scheme: is there one? Does it align with the brand? Too dark? Light? Or is it a just a hodgepodge of a palette?
  • Font: are they readable? Crisp? Interesting?

Content & Design

You’ll get everything from the individual services plus:

  • Social media: are the basic services available for visitors to share information? If so, are they using them? Why not?
  • Happy marriage: is your content and design living happily ever after? Or is your design snoozing while the content is working hard?

What also helps for us to do this analysis is to know what the goals of the site are. Is it to sell products? Be a blog for a writing outlet? Attract editors? Let us know what the goals of the site are and we can hopefully steer the ship together and get closer to those goals.


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