Without a full-blown events manager plugin, here’s an easy way to just show some upcoming events.

Just a simple list of upcoming events.

Just a simple list of upcoming events.

If you just have a little list of upcoming events that you’d like, for example, listed in a sidebar, here’s an easy option.

Actually, the example in the video is a pretty old plugin, but you get the idea: you’re using regular posts but adding a bit of information onto that post. A big advantage of this method is that later if/when you change event plugins, your data, your event information, is still all there as posts in your WordPress. So it’s quite Future Proof in that way. This as compared to some of the more full-featured event managers we’ll get into later in this series.


  • Super simple list of upcoming events.
  • Using regular WP posts, not custom post types. Important for Future Proofing your site–and your content.
  • When you don’t need it anymore, just remove the plugin, your posts and data are still there.
  • Does do multiple times of events (e.g. Tue @ 5, Wed @ 5, etc.).


  • Super simple … it just lists your upcoming events.
  • Not many features e.g. no maps, location,
  • Bit outdated date picker and user interface (but hey, it works).