Site loading slowly? Give W3 Total Cache a spin.

It was one of those fluke sites that was loading slowly. We switched hosting (to Host Gator) and that helped but there was something we just couldn’t seem to figure out. Everything seemed normal: WOO Canvas theme, no crazy plugins installed, decent shared hosting, no massive images, what was up?

We did the Google Speed tests and also kept on eye on load time with Pingdom and, of course, it recommended we optimize this and tweak that. Well, that’s what the caching plugins do. I’ve used both W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache and have just had better results with W3.

[box]This is in no way intended to be an in-depth review of W3 Total Cache. This is just a quick example of what worked for us. [/box]

If you’re just looking for what settings to choose to get the plugin up and running, here’s what we did.

We enabled the following sections on the General Settings page:

  • Page Cache
  • Minify
  • Database Cache
  • Object Cache
  • Browser Cache

That’s it. That’s what we did. Very rough results?

Load times from around 1 second to around 0.5 seconds. I.e. cut in half.

A free plugin, a few checkboxes and load time was cut in half? I’m stopping this review right here.


Cut loading time in half.

Cut loading time in half.