Made a gazoollion customizations to your Canvas theme? Back up those settings with one click.

[box]Bonus: import settings from your designer or better yet, from a WOO Themes Canvas settings library. Oh wait, that doesn’t exist. Yet. Watch the video to see how easily a theme can be changed with the import of customized settings.[/box]

[box type=”alert”]If you came here looking for settings to try out on your Canvas theme, head over to the Canvas Kaapstad Child Theme post and download the settings there.[/box]

This is a feature I forgot about, but I was just reading through an excellent comparison of WordPress frameworks and I noticed all the way down at the bottom, barely noticeable, a little “Y” (for Yes) stuck out for WOO Themes Framework. It was for “Online storage of customizations/exported settings.”

Customized your theme to pieces? Back that up!

Customized your theme to pieces? Back that up!

So that might not mean much at first glance, but for someone who works in WOO Themes all the time and especially someone who moves sites around quite a bit, new servers, changing domains, switching hosts, and just plain trying to make sure things are always backed up, this little feature is huge.

[box type=”alert”]This is almost one of those James Bond buttons: the ejector seat under the gear shift knob. It’s that good. [/box]

But there’s something else about it that I find quite interesting. You could almost use this to create a child theme. Sure, you could add more functions to the functions.php file and go nuts in the custom.css file for styling, but if you’re just using the built-in functions of WOO Canvas, you could save an export of your settings as a file and then just import it when you’re setting up a new theme. Hmm, gets me thinking of all of the ways I can use Canvas–as a user but also as a developer and designer.

Just a little click and it's all saved. Ready for export, copying, and sharing.

Just a little click and it’s all saved. Ready for export, copying, and sharing.