Now that we have that fancy new WOO Canvas Header Widget, how do we edit it? Easy, it’s just a widget.

It's easy: it's just a regular widget.

It’s easy: it’s just a regular widget.

Since we didn’t create a custom field with lots of nasty code but rather a regular widgetized area, we can just go into the Widgets area (Appearance –> Widgets) and look for the WOO Canvas Header Widget and edit it just as you would any other widget.

Add other widgets, edit the text if it’s a text widget, etc. However, because there is limited space up there, you’ll want to then tweak your CSS styling if you want it taller or wider etc.

More about how to create that WOO Canvas Header Widget. There are a few CSS tips there and you can see how, for example, how to make the area taller. You could also give your header more padding in the Canvas settings for the header.