The post grid feature of the magazine template shows your posts in a 2-column “grid” layout with title, featured image, excerpt, and read more.

The grid option offers an alternative to the “blog” layout of a single column list of posts, usually with featured image on the left, easy-to-read title, excerpt and read more. With the grid, you can get more content into the same amount of real estate with smaller featured images and two columns.

Featured Image Sizes and Layout

An excellent feature of the grid layout is that it lets you change, on the fly, the image dimensions for the grid. From a small square (e.g. 75 x 75 pixels) or maybe a wider panorama shot (e.g. 300 x 100) that could be used for more impact.

Featured Posts and Grid … Confusion

These two elements (magazine’s Featured Posts and then the Post Grid) seem to be closely intertwined. For example, if you use a WOO Component widget to drag in the Post Grid, it seems to bring in the Featured Posts as well. Maybe it’s an oversight on my part, but the only way to them use only the grid would be to choose zero posts for the Featured Posts section in the Canvas theme settings.

[box type=”alert”]I couldn’t seem to get the featured images for the Featured Posts and the Post Grid to be different. The sizes I set for Featured Posts didn’t stick.[/box]

You can also use the Widgets Template and then drag and drop the WOO Component widgets into that area and choose, for example, only the Magazine Grid. Then again choose zero Featured Posts and that page will just show the grid.

It takes a little getting used to, but once you get the hang of it, the magazine template and the posts grid can be a nice addition to showing off your work.

A magazine-style grid layout to highlight your latest posts in 2 columns.

A magazine-style grid layout to highlight your latest posts in 2 columns.