“Submit” and “Read More” is all you’re using buttons for? Expand your horizons.

These can be used for more than just buttons, they’re really mini-design elements … if you know how to use them.

[box type=”alert”]Ask your favorite graphic designer how long it will take them to create “just a little button” for you. Maybe a gradient color and then a hover-over color? Get out your stopwatch … and your wallet. [/box]

WOO’s shortcode buttons can be used for your basic Submit button, but if you’re looking for some style in your site without digging into Photoshop, here’s a hidden powerhouse of text design.

Style None
Style Info
Style Alert
Style Tick
Style Download
Style Note


Size Small
Size Medium (default)
Size Large
Size XL


Predefined Style Red
Predefined Style Orange
Predefined Style Green
Predefined Style Aqua
Predefined Style Teal
Predefined Style Purple
Predefined Style Pink
Predefined Style Silver


You can also change the background color to whatever you’d like. Here are just a few examples.

Orange (FFB60D) background.
Background color sky blue (#BACAE8)

But you can even change the color of the border.

Using the built-in color picker for background and border color. With lots of text.
Maybe that info box color is just too light? Make a button! Large size.
You can also choose dark text if you wanted a light background color.

Getting the idea? The possibilities are endless (no, really). Play around. Look ma, no Photoshop!