Want would you like WOO to do?

WOO Themes has its own WOO Ideas forum where you can submit ideas and vote and see what’s ranking high. But just as an informal collection of ideas, requests and wishes from the members and visitors of WPU, we’re going to start a little WOO Wishes page here.

  • WOO Tabs with 4 categories: John D thinks the WOO Tabs widget is great, but wouldn’t it be nice if it showed posts from 4 different categories?¬†
  • Full-Width Slider: this one is already collecting lots of votes over at WOO Ideas, but I’ll add it here as I’d love to see it happen.

Do you have a wish from WOO? WOO Canvas in particular? We’d love to hear it and maybe we already know a solution, know where to look, know a plugin or could even code something to make it work. No promises, but it’s also good to see what people are looking for in WOO Canvas.

[box type=”tick”]Fill out the form below with your WOO Wish and we’ll try to make it come true![/box]

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Make a WOO Wish and We'll Wheelbarrow it to ... Wonderland? Sorry ... ;-)

Make a WOO Wish and We’ll Wheelbarrow it to … Wonderland? Sorry … ;-)