If you want local pickup as a shipping option, you’ll need this add-on if you want tax to be calculated.

If you have actual goods to be picked up you might need to still charge tax. This plugin makes that work.

[box type=”note”]WOO warns you, I warned my client, but remember, WOO Commerce is a fantastically powerful e-commerce solution for WordPress, but if you take it beyond the basics, you might be forced to buy a plugin.[/box]

Need local pickup to include tax? You'll need this plugin.

Need local pickup to include tax? You’ll need this plugin.

There are some attempts at (free) workarounds like renaming local delivery as Local Pickup, but it still didn’t take the tax. Bummer.

OK, I get it, the whole e-commerce is free and you can get very far along with a shop that sells tons of stuff, but then you come to a little thing like this and you have to get a plugin. Then, ouch, there’s the price: $79.

My client took it well, hey, she wants people to pick up goods and doesn’t want to have to do some crazy workaround for taxes for locals. I know little about taxes and even less about physical goods. So we were stuck with buying it. At least I had warned here that there might be plugins that cost more.

In the grand scheme of things, $79 for an e-commerce shop isn’t bad, but what does it do? It does one little thing. Why doesn’t the core service do that one little thing? I wonder if WOO is heading towards add more to the core or … even less and forcing users to go to plugins (free or paid)?

Again, I’m not a developer and I have full respect for what it must cost in time and materials to build these plugins. They need to make money so that they can build updates. But where’s the line as to what gets included and what doesn’t?

NOTE: excuse my semi-rant! I just thought this site was done and this one little thing was left over and we had to search for it, try workarounds and then buy the plugin. Granted, the plugin works as advertised. OK, rant over.