Our school website is built in WordPress (Duh?) and we’re moving away from parents and teachers and administrators emailing us content to having them post their own content. We need to get the user permissions right and all that, but for now, we’re making them authors and letting them have at it. This video walks through the basics of a new WordPress user posting their first post.

Covered in this screencast:

  1. Logging into WordPress
  2. Findings Posts and New Post
  3. Adding the post title
  4. Adding the post body: pasting options: Paste as Plain Text, Paste from Word, etc.
  5. Choosing a category (or multiple)
  6. Adding an excerpt
  7. Adding a featured image
  8. Inserting an image into the body copy

It’s just a quick overview to get this process started. A work in progress. But it goes over the basics.