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Below is a change log for the WOO Framework. The WOO Framework sits under (is the foundation for) all of WOO’s themes, including Canvas. Why do you care? Well, you don’t. But you also do … you just didn’t know it.

See the top line, in red. In fact, I don’t even need to love it, I’m already happy that my darling designer is going to love me for it. She always wants thin fonts. I think maybe there’s a trick I can do to make a non-thin fonta kinda sorta look thinner, but I don’t know exactly how. Now I don’t need to. Now I can choose a drop-down and select it. Why am I woot woot for WOO? Because they update this kind of thing. On a regular basis. Without me asking.

2012.12.20 – version 5.5.3

  • admin-interface.php – Added Thin and Thin/Italic to typography options. admin-style.css – Fixed
  • styling of typography preview button.
  • admin-init.php – Code clean-up and maintenance. woo_version() function now uses wooframework_get_theme_version_data() to retrieve theme data, and outputs a “generator” tag for the child theme as well, if one is in use. Load the shortcode generator and backup manager only in the WordPress admin.
  • admin-framework-settings.php – Remove legacy logic that retrieved theme name and version data.
  • admin-interface.php – Remove legacy logic that retrieved theme name and version data.
  • admin-express-functions.php,
  • admin-express-functions-deprecated.php – Replace deprecated calls to wp_get_single_post() with get_post().
  • admin-functions.php – Use wp_get_image_editor() for image resizing if using vt_resize() with WordPress 3.5.

2012.12.06 – version 5.5.2

  • admin-setup.php – Updated docblocking to standard formatting. Overall code clean-up and optimisation. Fixed “undefined index ‘id'” notice in PHP 5.4.x.
  • admin-interface.php – Fixed “illegal offset ‘version'” notice in PHP 5.4.x. Added time_masked field.
  • admin-hooks.php – Fixed “Creating default object from empty value” notice in PHP 5.4.x. Code clean-up and optimisation. Updated docblocking to standard formatting.
  • admin-custom.php – Updated docblocking to standard formatting. Added capability check when saving custom fields. Added time_masked field.
  • admin-functions.php – Add notice banner to “Theme Options” screen if a static front page is in use. Add “alt-style-X” body CSS class for the current alt style in use.
  • admin-style.css – Adds styling for the “static front page” notice banner.
  • /js/woo-custom-fields.js – changed the selector from time to time_masked for the legacy time field

2012.11.22 – version 5.5.1

  • admin-style.css – Updated styling of the “Upload” button for WordPress 3.5 compatibility.
  • admin-functions.php – Adjust woo_image() to better calculate the height of an attached image, if no height is specified.


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