Finally, an automated, reliable WordPress plugin updating tool.

Outdated plugins are a guilty culprit when it comes to getting your site hacked. With’s Jetpack automated updater, you never have to worry about updating plugins manually.

Or rather, never have to worry about getting hacked through an non-updated plugin again (which is what usually happens).

Set It and Forget It

I’m all about Set It and Forget It. If there’s a tool we can use that automates some process that we normally would have to do manually, there’s little reason to not do it.

Reduce security risks with automated plugin updates.

You should do this now. No, really.

Finally, through Jetpack,’s multi-featured plugin, you can choose to have certain plugins automatically updated on your WordPress site. Maybe there are some plugins that do this, but I like Jetpack and especially like that this is behind the scenes doing these updates. Also, the plugins will only be updated if they’re in the WP repository, so recognized and maintained and not some third-party unknowns.

If your plugin is not in the WP repository (see the fab Monarch Plugin above, because it’s a premium plugin), you’ll have to update those yourself.