Struggling with how to best back up your WordPress site? Here’s a thought: don’t.

There are some excellent backup plugins for WordPress out there:

  • Updraft Plus
  • Backup Buddy
  • WP DB Backup

They’re all perfectly good backup products, but there’s one issue: you are involved. Sure, they’re semi-automated, they’ll do a backup on a regular basis and even send it offsite (e.g. Dropbox). But you have to set things up, monitor once in a while that they’re working and, gulp, figure out to restore a backup should you need to.

Don’t get me wrong, I would ALSO use one of the above services, but only as a backup to the backup!

Let’s take things a step further.

What if someone else took care of the whole process? What if there wasn’t a plugin to install, an offsite storage location to monitor or anything else that you had to do? Ever?

One-Click Restore?

Great, you’re all set! But what about when disaster strikes? You get hacked or you just really want to turn back the clock 2 weeks? Yeah, have fun with that. Overwriting the database and hoping you don’t lose files in the process–having fun yet? I’ve been there, done that and it ain’t pretty.

What if backups and automatic restoration was built in to your hosting company? What if it all happened behind the scenes automatically and all you had to do was … nothing? If there’s a problem, you head into the control panel and choose when you’d like the daily, automated backup. You can even choose to back up:

  1. Just the database,
  2. Just the files,
  3. Both the database and the files.

Choose your date and wait a few minutes. You’re done. You’re welcome.

Sound good? The best part is that it doesn’t have to cost more than what you’re (probably) already paying for your WordPress hosting.

Ready to sign up? If you have a single WordPress site, choose the Economy Package and prices start at just $4.70 per month.

Or, you can go back to using semi-automated tools and deal with issues as best you can.