We built the BOOM site a few years ago with another theme that is now … broken.

Something about a PHP upgrade and something wasn’t working. Sure, we could dig and see if we could fix it (we did dig, but couldn’t find a long-term solution), but why bother when we could convert the old theme into Canvas and be done with it, call it a day, and be more future proof?


Things are just easier to use now, too. The home page slider is the magazine slider and below that is the magazine grid. Easy peasy. Just choose which categories you want to go where, add an excerpt, a featured image and you’re all set.

Is it exactly the same to the pixel? No, probably not. But do you care? Do we?

We could have spent a ton more hours and made things pixel perfect, but just like when you repaint your house, do you really want to keep it exactly the same? You have scaffolding all over the place and you can barely live in it, might as well allow for some improvements. If you’re open to some slight changes, a switch to Canvas can be smooth and rewarding.