Using WOO’s Buttons as Call to Actions

I’m all for avoiding Photoshop when possible. You can play with WOO’s buttons and create some nice-looking Call To Actions.

Buttons as Call to Actions

Buttons as Call to Actions

We just built a clean site for an organization that needed to change out the Call to Action text in the sidebars. If we had built buttons in Photoshop, they would have needed to rebuild (or at least re-edit) the source files every time. Ooh, just one spelling mistake? Back to Photoshop.

But with WOO”s shortcodes for buttons, you can use what’s usually just a “Submit” or “Buy Now” button into more of a graphic element or even call to action area (complete with link) in a sidebar or on a page. Color pick the background color to match the site, use the WP editor as your editing ground and you’re set.

We followed a similar path with the slider. By using WOO’s built-in business slider template, the client is able to update that area by just getting into a regular WP post title and excerpt.

Not bad for a little shortcode.

By the way, we experimented with WOO’s info boxes, but they didn’t play as nicely in the sidebars. Also, although we could have forced the background colors, the buttons we’re easier to manage and manipulate.


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