Getting started with WordPress? Here’s where to begin.


Your WordPress site says you have updates available. Can you click update?


The WordPress Dashboard can be a handy page to get an overview of what's going on with your site.

Pages vs. Categories

When to use a page and when to use a category? Depends on what you're showing and how you want to show it.

Bulk Actions

Need to change a bunch of posts at the same time? No worries.

Lost Your Password?

Lost your password? Just like with your car keys, you just need to know where to look.

WOO Shortcodes: Social Buttons

If you need a social media button (or counter or badge) in your post or page for some reason, here's an easy way to get them in there.

WOO Shortcodes: Typography

Dropcap, abbreviation, highlight and easily-added Google Fonts are ready with a click using WOO Themes Shortcodes.

Why WordPress?

Why WordPress? Why not hard-coded HTML? Why not Flash? Why shouldn't my cousin's neighbor's CMS work just fine?

Why a Website?

Do you even need a website? It’s not so clear anymore. What are your goals? Who is your audience? What are your other options?

Add a New User

To add a new user to your site, just fill in their details and choose an administrative level.

WOO Subscribe & Connect

WOO has their own email newsletter signup and social media buttons built right into the theme.

Upload a PDF

How do you add a PDF or Word doc into your WordPress page or post? Easy. Here's how.

Add New Post as Author

This video covers what an "Author" (a WordPress user level) sees and can do when they're posting their first posts to a WordPress site.