Getting started with WordPress? Here’s where to begin.

Image into Sidebar

It's just an image and it's just a sidebar. The trouble is that the widgets (the content ares that populate sidebars) don't have much as far as design or layout tools. So what do I usually do?

WordPress Checklist

So you're ready to set up WordPress. There a zillion options, a kajoolion plugins and even options on the plugins. Ready?

Tiled Galleries

Another Jetplack bonus: tiled galleries option in regular gallery. They do a nice mosaic, circles, squares and who know what they'll update next.

Insert Photos

There are all kinds of ways to insert photos into a post or page. You don't need to use the WP gallery functions or third-party sliders, you can just insert the photos directly onto the page.


WordPress widgets bring features, content and fancy-pants tricks to your site.


Menus are often an overlooked little gem in the WordPress Swiss Army Knife of tools. Get to know them and you'll become fast friends.

Pages vs. Posts

It's important for users new to WordPress to have a good understanding of what pages and posts are and when to use them.

Change Post Author

If you have some posts that are still stuck with the "admin" user, but you'd like to make yourself or someone else the author, here's how.

WordPress Gallery

The built-in WordPress gallery can do quite a nice job of showing off photos. With a few tweaks, it can become a full-fledged gallery manager.

Featured Image

The featured image is a powerful tool in WordPress publishing. Upload an image once and it can show up multiple times in multiple formats and sizes.


The excerpt can be an important part of the content of your post. Not immediately apparent where it lives while editing a page and not always clear where it shows up, it's a good habit to get into adding an excerpt to every post on your site.


Gravatar (globally recognized avatar) is a third-party service that gives you a Profile image, name and a bio that you can use on various sites.

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