How to Learn Online Marketing in San Francisco? Introducing: Timelapse.

Never. Stop. Learning. This statement is more and more true in today’s knowledge economy, and we think it particularly applies to online marketing! That is definitely a very fast-changing field. How do you do that? Conferences are expensive. The quality of free online resources varies a lot. Online trainings are usually quite basic, and it’s [...]

WordPress 3.0: WP + WPMU

Was talking with someone just yesterday about WP MU and how it might be a solution for her. Thought to myself, "Hmm, guess I should become more familiar with MU ... " but maybe I should just wait for 3.0

SEO Smart Links Plugin

This is a handy plugin for the internet marketing crowd. It does a number of things very well, but my favorite feature is the ability to universally turn a given word on your blog or website into a link to a specific page. This is really great for SEO and for affiliate marketers. The fundamental [...]

Where to get Traffic Reports

Wondering how much traffic a site gets? For good-sized sites, you can check on or Quantcast also tells you about your audience: gender, age, children per household, education and income levels, and other demographic information. [/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

WordPress training for new users

New users don't get the benefit of WordPress—you can easily update it yourself—if they don't know how the software works, so I usually include an hour or two of hands-on WordPress orientation and training along with the website. I just finished working with a newbie (she was familiar with online editing, but that's about all); [...]

Keyword Chaos

So this site has been live only a few weeks and already we have a zillion keywords (tags -- I just liked the alliteration of Keyword Chaos). What's a good strategy for keeping tags useful? What I've usually told people, including myself as I try to keep tags to a minimum, is to use tags that are [...]

Free photos for your blog

Need images to illustrate your posts? Here are some sources for free photos. Be sure to check usage terms and conditions on these sites.

How to write for SEO

Search engine optimization is part art, part science, and always changing. To do it well you'll want to get expert help. In the meantime, here are the basics of SEO writing: Determine the keywords and phrases most applicable to your content. You could reach out to a company such as OutreachPete to help determine which [...]

Where to find WordPress themes

With tens of thousands—or maybe millions—of WordPress themes available, how do you know where to go to look for one? You can always search for "free WordPress themes" (Google returned about 51,300,000 matches) or "premium WordPress themes" (only 19, 100,000 matches). It doesn't sound very efficient, but it does provide a way to find the [...]

What clients want in a WordPress theme

Bradley and I were talking about how to help clients choose a WordPress theme, and thought I'd include this link to an article that discusses these considerations (in addition to solid code): A beautiful home page Multiple skins/colors (including holiday customization) Custom widgets jQuery capability (e.g. for slideshows) An interactive contact page (nice idea, with [...]

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