Canvas Changelog

Canvas 5.8.2

Yay, the return of the subsections of the General Settings.

WooThemes Framework 6.0.2

Should you always upgrade to the latest version as soon as it's available? Maybe not with a big number upgrade.

Canvas 5.8.0

WOO is moving some of the proprietary features back to core WordPress. Interesting.

Canvas 5.7.0

Lots of tweaks and fixes and more move in the direction of plugins and add-ons.

Canvas 5.6.3

I suppose that's the nature of software updates: break something and then fix it.

Canvas 5.6.0

Need I say more? Isn't that what you look for in a software company? Or any company for that matter?

Canvas 5.5.5

Magazine Template gets a fix and don't forget that Canvas makes a great WOO Commerce theme.

Canvas 5.5.4

Several big changes in 5.5.4 ... but you have to know what to look for.

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