Drupal is a powerful CMS (content management system) that I’m not, well, using much anymore as I find WordPress easier to use and at least as powerful.

Drupal :: Photos, Galleries, and Modules

Here's an update on photos, photo galleries/albums, easy uploading, photo resizing, etc. in Drupal. 1.) Image Module The basic Drupal module, together with Image Assist. :|: Pros Very integrated with Drupal; so easy to insert images into regular entries Easy to upload (one at a time) Sidebar integration ("Random Photo") :|: Cons No multiple upload [...]

Drupal :: Add an Event

Here's a video to add an event to the event calendar in Drupal. Basic steps: Log in. Click Create Content, Click Event, Type a title, choose a category (Fundraiser, Party, Speakers, etc.), Type the body of the event (the information), (Scroll down a bit) Choose the Start and End of the Event. You have to [...]

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